Neil WardMy name is Neil Ward, and I am very proud to be the Bell county attorney.  I was born and raised in Bell County, where I have spent all of my legal career.  For 19 years I have been putting criminals in jail, while collecting millions of dollars in child support for Bell County parents.

Bell County is a place of outstanding beauty in southeastern Kentucky.  In the mountains behind my house, I have identified over 20 species of wildflowers.  America’s most historic natural passageway, the Cumberland Gap, is located in Bell County.  The Gap’s topography provided a gateway to the settling of America’s heartland.

Bell County has two treasures in the form of parks.  Pine Mountain State Park and Cumberland Gap National Park, both, are situated in Bell County.  The parks have hiking trails that rival any trails in America for beauty.  Cumberland Gap National Park has a newly renovated museum that chronicles the history of the Gap from a buffalo trace to today’s high-tech four-lane tunnel that now takes visitors underneath. instead of over, the formidable Cumberland Mountain range.

As county attorney, I hope the citizens of Bell County will cherish the natural blessings that surround us on a daily basis.  To visitors, I encourage you to visit us and discover a place of overwhelming natural beauty.

To find out more about the duties, services and programs provided by the Bell County Attorney’s Office, please click on the appropriate icon or call us.  I can promise you that my staff will try to help you.